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Ways to Experience and Grow Your Spiritual Connection

Online Classes

Are you ready to develop your Intution and learn how to use it in everyday life?

Do you want to learn about Chakras and Auras and Subtle Energy – all of which dictate your health?

Would you like understand how to REALLY forgive?

Find out about these classes and more!

Personal Mentoring

Have you encountered (or do you want) big changes in your life?

Do you need some direction navigating what may seem like new territory?

You are unique and your mentoring should not be cookie cutter.

We will work together twice a month, specific to YOUR needs, until you are where you want to be!


Would you like to balance your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual energy in alignment with how it will most benefit you?

Become healthy, inspired, confident and authentically powerful in your awakened self!

There are a variey of ways we can achieve this!

What People Are Saying

These last few months of sobriety are due to the beautiful relationship with my Higher power, but it has also a great deal to do with the tools I learned from taking a 10 week coaching program with Laura Young.
I spent an hour or so a week with Laura – we talked about the week then went into a meditation where I listened to my hearts desires, dealt with pain that was holding me back, loved the little girl inside me and visualized the life I wanted for myself.
Thank you Laura Young for the tools you shared with me that helped me build a life made purely of love and light.

Angelina Nicole


I highly encourage anyone who may feel stuck, discouraged, or just simply needing a boost in your personal journey – to seriously consider a VIP day with Laura!
Laura does an amazing job with researching any and everything she possibly can to help you on your VIP day. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information she brought to our session and still haven’t had the opportunity to look through it all thoroughly – but am SO glad to have the handouts and even personal information about myself to refer to during my own practices.
We laughed, I cried, I healed, we ate good food and I am extremely grateful our paths have crossed in this life!

Mary Glasco

Professional Photographer

In these changing times, the combination of Reiki and a John of God Crystal bed are powerful tools for healing. Laura Young is a true Master and Holder of a strong energetic matrix. I experienced real sensation of repair in my heart (came in with chest pains), not just in the physical realm, but on many more levels than I had bargained.
I feel one must be open to these kinds of modalities and trust in their power. That is when they work the best. You will not be disappointed in this unique experience if you are looking for healing on any level, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I am truly grateful for the changes I have experienced.

Molly Knight Forde

Meditation Mentor, Speaker, Author, and Professional Musician


Are you a Lightworker?

Are you a Lightworker?

Everyone on this planet has a unique reason for being here. We all have a divine purpose. Some of us know what it is, and others don’t even think about it. But there is a reason. And if you pay attention to how you act/react in the world you may discover what it is. Some are here for disruption, some are here for change. And some of us are lightworkers.

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Anxiety – Is This the Cure?

Anxiety – Is This the Cure?

Today I want to talk to you about anxiety, as I imagine you or a loved one may be suffering from this in some form right now. You are not alone! There are many reasons for this, such as: • The eclipses that are upon us right now • Astrologically • Solar...

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Resolve Your Triggers in 3 Easy Steps

Resolve Your Triggers in 3 Easy Steps

What triggers you? Who can pull the most insane parts out of you for all the world to see?   Do you ever react to something someone does or says and regret what YOU did or said in response? It happens to all of us. I’m not talking about things that irritate you...

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If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful…

If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful…

  Remember that gorgeous song from the ‘80s with Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson? It starts out “If you say my eyes are beautiful – it’s because I’m looking at you” One of my favorite duets from that time! And back in that long ago decade it meant something...

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Have a question? Here is how to get the RIGHT answer every time!

Have a question? Here is how to get the RIGHT answer every time!

 Is this relationship right for me? Should I change careers? Should I look for a new job? How can I make more money right now? Should I have kids? Should I get a pet? Should I move? Where should I move? Should I stay or should I go? What is my next best step? We all...

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Do You Hear the Wind?

Do You Hear the Wind?

I hope your holiday weekend was a blast! For me it was a weekend to stay home and regroup, maybe work a little and avoid the crowds and the noise! I’m not a big fan of loud noises. Speaking of noise, this last week my husband asked me a question that blew my mind! I...

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