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Classes starting Fall 2017

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Want to enhance your intution, spiritual connection, or improve your personal life?

Online classes are the way to go! Dive into a group program with lots of support or go at your own pace individually. Whatever works for you!

Classes opening up in the Fall.

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The class options will grow as you grow. I will be adding new classes as they become available.

Check out some of the soon to be available classes below!

If you aren’t finding exactly what you want, let me know and I’ll pull from my toolbox and see if I can create it for you!

This journey is all about YOU!

Upcoming classes

Intuitive Development


Discover your dominant modality, what the major “clairs” are, how to develop and strenthen your intuition to best serve you and others.

Chakra Wisdom


Learn about the chakras and your subtle energy system.

This is where the healing occurs and life force energy connects you to all that is.

Forgiveness IS Freedom


Learn how forgiveness can free you from illness, disease and create a more fulfilling life.
How to do it for  YOU!

Self Esteem Empowerment


Learn how to fall in love with YOU!
Create your meaningful life to share with the world!

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