Personal Mentoring

Are you looking for a mentor?

It’s great to have a mentor or coach. We all need one and I have one as well. It’s what makes us grow into who we really are.

I can provide you with tools on your spiritual journey. With lots of life experience and trainings, the sky is the limit on how far we can take you! Let’s move mountains, shall we?

As an Intuitive, rest assured that your journey is unique and I know that. I don’t use cookie cutter techniques, you are special and each session will be exactly what YOU need!


What's your schedule look like?

Let’s work around YOUR schedule to create a life you love.

You will have a 2 hour phone session twice a month. You pick the days that work best for you!

It’s important to find someone that you resonate with to get the most beneficial results.  Contact me so we can chat and see if we are a good fit for each other!

How it works

Step 1

In our first session, you will tell me all about yourself!

I will use my Intuitive gifts to read through your energy system to find what has been preventing you from getting to where you want to be. You don’t need to do anything for that part – that’s on me!

We will then set up a game plan that we can follow (and tweak as needed!) to keep you moving forward until you achieve your desired results!

Step 2

We will have a 2 hour phone call twice a month to tackle what is important to YOU!

Every call will include an energy scan so we can hone in on what we will be doing.

All sessions are done over the phone and recorded for your convenience.

Typically, it will take a few sessions to get you to the place you are seeking, although you should see and feel results after the very first call!


Step 3

Some of the things we will do on our calls:

  • Check in from the previous call and adjust our plan as necessary
  • Discuss various topics relevant to you and your journey
  • Guided meditative processes
  • Healing techniques needed as we progress
  • You will receive homework on most calls depending on the topic
  • Laugh, cry and resolve some issues!


Step 4

This is a big commitment that we both need to honor

You will be signing on for a minimum of 6 months of private 1:1 mentoring.

The cost for this is $444/month which can be paid monthly, or you can pay in advance for 6 months at a reduced rate which comes out to $400/mo.

What will your life look like in 182.5 days? I’m excited to find out! I’m excited for YOU!

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