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Laura Young

Spiritual YOUniversity


Laura Young

Intuitive Energy Healer

Reiki Master

John of God Crystal Bed Facilitator


Spiritual Counselor

Seattle, WA

It seems there is suddenly a surge of people wanting to know how to be of service while balancing all the aspects of their life. My clients are thirsty for knowledge.

As I am only one person, there is not enough time to do VIP days with everyone that wants to develop their intuition, further their knowledge with the Chakra System, or figure out how they can connect back to All That Is while in a body on this planet.

Therefore, I decided to create the programs that I use in person into an online platform where you can proceed with what you are specifically looking to learn – and at your own pace.

Spiritual YOUniversity is designed to help you regain your connection to the Universe. Your very existence is SO important in the flow of life. If you take away one thing, it is that YOU MATTER. You are important. And I want you to feel supported in being happy and loving who you are.

Take one course or take them all. There is a Facebook page for each individual course so you can stay connected, not only to me, but to others in the course. Feel the love, ask questions, connect with one another in the group. This entire experience is for YOU.

If there is a course you would be interested in taking and it is not listed, feel free to contact me to suggest it. I have a full toolbox with a variety of different certifications and training. I didn’t spend thousands of hours and dollars learning it all for myself. We are all in this together and sharing the knowledge is my contribution to being in service.

To contact me, please fill out and submit the form below.

Please note: I also run Align To Divine Health – you may notice some of the freebies marked with this. Just to be clear, I am the same Laura Young!

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Shoreline, WA 98155

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What is the Ascension Process?

If you are finding yourself having a Spiritual Awakening, you are most likely also going through the Ascension Process.

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