About this Website

This website is for those experiencing a Spiritual Awakening to achieve a greater understanding of how to maneuver through the changes by providing classes and courses, free articles, downloads and resources to connect YOU to all that is available in the Universe.


We are all magnificent beings with a purpose for being on the planet right now. Most wander aimlessly through life with the intention of getting safely to death. Others will experience a spiritual awakening that does not come with instructions. It can be a lonely and scary time if we don’t have support or resources to understand what is going on. This website was created for all of YOU to have a place to come to get some assistance if and when you need or want it.


This site is for you to use as you wish. There are plenty of freebies and articles for you to read for greater understanding. I hope you find what resonates with you. There are also classes and courses to purchase that are designed with more in depth teachings when you are ready to really grab hold of certain topics while moving forward on your spiritual journey. These classes are full of videos, audios, PDFs and lessons to help you advance to new and exciting levels in your life!


My wish is for you to understand yourself, love yourself, find your purpose in life, and be able to serve others in a way that fills your heart so full that it  feels like it will burst with joy! That is the life you are intended to live, the part that was known when you were born but was forgotten as you grew. Let’s reignite that spark and realign your own dreams, goals and energy to that place you are yearning for. It is not that far out of reach and you deserve to have that back. This is a community of like minded individuals all seeking their truth. You are welcomed with open arms and open heart.

Chakra Wisdom Course

Chakra Wisdom for Healing

This course covers the chakra system one chakra at a time. Learn what each chakra governs in our body, how to interpret the energy, what is needed to heal different illness and disease, and more!

Intuitive Development Course

Intuitive Development

Learn what your dominant intuitive modality is, how to tune into and strengthen the different “clairs”, how to develop your intuition to the psychic state, and how to use it in your everyday life!

Freedom of Forgiveness Course

Forgiveness IS Freedom

Learn how forgiveness can benefit you not only emotionally but physically. How holding onto anger, fear and grief affects you at a cellular level. And most importantly how to go through the process with ease and grace!

What is the Ascension Process?

If you are finding yourself having a Spiritual Awakening, you are most likely also going through the Ascension Process.

Find out what ascension symptoms are and how to navigate them!

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FREE Depression & Anxiety Audio and PDF

Millions of people experience some level of depression and/or anxiety as they are accessing higher levels of consciousness during Spiritual Awakening. Learn how to alleviate symptoms and quickly get back on your path!

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Not feeling grounded?
Need to relax?
Want a quick pick me up?

Download this short audio meditation and enjoy finding your way back to the present moment

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