Meat Suit
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I have always been uncomfortable in my body. I’ve been overweight most of my life and not only did I dislike how I looked, I disliked how I felt. I hated how my body felt when I was hungry, full, hot, cold, waking up in the morning, falling asleep at night and even how I felt when I breathed. Not a day would go by without me experiencing discomfort in or about my body.

Finding my spirituality and learning how to actually “get out of my body” was the greatest thing ever. I found myself spending the majority of my time there. But something was still off, I wasn’t grounded. And I didn’t want to be! However to be totally connected spiritually requires being both grounded and out of your head (brain) at the same time. Such a dilemma!

My body was cumbersome and in the way. How was I going to combine both of these aspects and become the whole spiritual human I was supposed to be? Why, I asked myself, would any happy soul want to ever become human? Why would we do this? I couldn’t imagine ever making that burdensome decision myself but I obviously did! Because here I am on the planet and most certainly in a body!

One day something clicked. I realized that when we are at soul level and we decide to incarnate into this 3rd dimension it IS for the meat suit. As souls we don’t get the opportunity to experience the physical and to use the five senses we inherit as a human. That is why we come. We come to enjoy the sensations of smelling puppy breath, tasting ice cream, feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin. To see babies being born (and yes even the pain of childbirth itself, and is it worth it? Absolutely!) To enjoy our bodies relaxing in hot tubs, drinking wine and even having sex! All of these functions and magical miracles we are able to have while in a body are the reason we are here! At soul level we are always happy, constantly giving and receiving unconditional love, and knowing that everything is beautiful and perfect in every way. I suppose that could get a little boring!

Now I am so grateful for my body. I have learned to have integrity for my body and to take better care of it. To cherish it exactly as it is, because no matter what, it is the perfect vessel for me this time around. I am appreciative when I stub my toe, smell burning popcorn or feel constricted by time and space. Because I know this is short lived. And when I return to the soul level I don’t want to regret missing out on a thing while I was here!

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