Your Story. Yes, you have one. Yes I have one. The thing is your story is not your destiny as written. It is up to you how your write it from this moment on. And you can even clean up what has already been written on those pages (your past) and live your life as you never imagined you could.

We tell ourselves “our story” all the time. It is usually not even on a conscious level. It is so hardwired into us that it works on auto pilot, creating our present and the outcomes of our actions.
What if you could re-write or edit your story?
How would you change it if you could?

Maybe you can’t rewrite all the circumstances of your life, but you can change the meaning of them and what you made it mean about you. You can change your beliefs about what you can or can’t achieve, your beliefs about having a hereditary disease, your beliefs about who you are as a person and why you even exist on this planet.

I am here to tell you that this is possible. Most of our beliefs are negative in theory. They have been collecting in our minds since we were born, about how people treated us in varying circumstances. We took on what these things meant and created beliefs about ourselves that have either propelled us into positive action or most likely paralyzed us from achieving what we are meant to achieve. And our busy brains took all these beliefs and weaved them into crazy vows – which hold much more strength than just plain old beliefs. And these are harder to see and even harder to break.

Let’s take a look at some common beliefs we hold and where they may have originated:

You were sexually abused as a child – “my value to the planet is with sex” – this can create extreme low self-esteem and the ability to ever have a satisfying relationship, especially an intimate relationship

You were physically abused as a child – “when you love someone it’s ok to hurt them” or “I’m not lovable”  –you usually continue to physically abuse yourself, usually in the form of not taking care of yourself (eating bad, not exercising, addictions)

You were verbally abused as a child – “I can never do anything right” – so why even bother? This affects career and not having the ability to be proud of anything you do. You continue the verbal abuse with the things you tell yourself throughout the day

You were neglected as a child – “I’m not worthy, I have no value” – this is the most common and shows itself in everything you do but particularly in the area of finances

If you’ve had any of the experiences above or can relate in other ways to them, just know this doesn’t mean that is who you are. Only you decide. When we care about what WE think or who we want to be then we can make these changes from victim to victor. It is never too late to have a meaningful and fulfilling life!

In order to “fix” this, yes you do need to step back into the past, very briefly. We need to find out when these beliefs were formed and which ones we strengthened into vows and what we made this all mean about us. And when we do this, we can actually find the GOOD from these experiences and change our present and future reality.

YES, YES, YES, this is possible! How do I know? Because I have done it! It took some work, but you know what, it wasn’t really that painful. And I am so empowered and confident in my life now. Out of my own experience of the past few years, I have created a 10 week process to help others do this too – and I’ve taken people through this with fabulous results!

Guess what, your story is YOUR story. Which means you hold the pen, you can write it however you want. Happy ending? Alrighty then!

Please share in the comments WHAT it is about your story that you wish you could change – and what would be possible for you if you were able to?

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