It’s a crazy thing – life!

We are born with our purpose inside of us. Some of us get to a point where we remember this, usually decades into our life. And then we try to rearrange our lives to figure out a way to incorporate that purpose and race to make it meaningful, so our lives won’t be in vain. Sound familiar?

It’s as if we are born into a cult – this sweet little innocent infant, who is then brainwashed into living life the way that a particular family, society, and community lives. Wherever that may be that the stork dropped them off. Taught to belong to a certain church, a certain political stance, behave in certain ways, care what others think, strive to make those around us happy (sometimes at our own expense). To learn things in schools that are mandated by governments deciding what is important for us to learn which are usually not life skills.

We then define ourselves by these ideals that were created by others, we carry on in our lives on auto-pilot following the directions we received from our parents, our teachers, society. We are brainwashed. We are not using our free will. We are not speaking and living our truth. We are just robots. And although we do have a brain, it has been programmed to fit into a certain mold. And this is usually a far cry from what your soul desires.

So you came in with a soul purpose, a purpose for this lifetime to find unconditional love within yourself and the rest of the world. A purpose to be of service to humanity in some way. To bring peace and harmony to others. To live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Are you doing that?

If you are still living in “robot mode”, working a job that is not satisfying or in a relationship that is not serving anyone’s highest good, then why? What needs to shift for you to align to your purpose?

Usually this is in the form of beliefs:
I’m not deserving
I’m not good enough
I can’t
I don’t have time

It really boils down to this – who would you disappoint if you change?

I can tell you for sure that you would NOT be disappointing your soul. But you were raised to never put yourself first. You were raised to make sure everyone else is happy before you are happy. You were raised to not be selfish.

When you feel like you are disappointing someone (spouse, parents, kids, friends) you harbor guilt and shame in your energy. How does that feel? Yeah, yuck! And the yuckier this feels the more you want to break free and live YOUR life. So then you begin getting angry and frustrated. And we’ve already discussed what these emotions do to your physical body in a previous blog post. But here’s a recap – IT MAKES YOU PHYSICALLY ILL!

So here’s the truth – this lifetime, YOUR lifetime, is a journey your soul chose to make and in order to fulfill this purpose you need to get a little selfish. You need to discover your truth and your passion. When you get aligned with this and begin living it, once you are happy and content, then you can spread your energy outward and begin to help others. You can begin to serve in the way you were intended to serve.

A conglomeration of your parents, your God, your teachers, your community.
Who are you at soul level? What is your truth? How are you here to serve?

Are you finding it difficult to figure this out? Let me know how I can help in the comments below.

It’s never too late to figure this out and begin living it. Everything happens in Divine Timing, of that I am sure. You have not wasted these decades of not living your purpose. You have been in training and it’s all perfect. It is all perfect!



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